When to Use

While the core DatetimeCell is light-weight and does the job of formatting IS0-8601 datetime strings fairly well, it may not be well suited when the datatime strings are not in ISO format.


MomentCell uses Moment.js to render a very powerful datetime cell. MomentCell is tested against Moment.js version 2.5.0.


The default MomentCell acts just like DatetimeCell, so if you have a column with datetime values, the default MomentCell is almost a drop-in replacement, with the only difference being that an offset is always present in the output.

In addition to the ability to read and write ISO-8601 datetime strings. By specifying the model and display formats, MomentCell can convert and validated any datetime values moment.js understands.

Like the core cell types, you can configure MomentCell simply by extending it.