When to Use

When you have lots of rows with lots of text, and you just want to quickly get to the row that only contain certain keywords.


There are no extra dependencies for ServerSideFilter and ClientSideFilter.

For LunrFilter, it has a hard dependency on lunr.js for full-text searching.


ServerSideFilter is suitable if you have a server where you send the search queries to get back a result. The follow example will create a collection that uses Github's excellent API to search for Github users. See here for the valid search terms to use.

Tip Github Search User API



Pro Tip

ClientSideFilter and LunrFilter won't work unless the collection contains all the data for filtering at the time the filters are initialized. If you are fetching data after the filters were initialized and using Backbone 1.0.0+, you should pass {remove: true} or {reset: true} to Collection#fetch() due to the change to Collection#set() after fetching.