When to Use

When you have a relatively large number of available options for a column, or want to use a select box with autocomplete capability.


Select2Cell uses the Select2 jQuery plugin to render its select box. Select2Cell is tested with Select2 version 3.4.5.


Select2Cell is a very simple extension of the default SelectCell. You can configure individual instances by supplying a select2Options object hash during extension, in addition to the options SelectCell supports.


Getting data for optionValues

The Select2Cell and its superclass SelectCell assumes that the data for the select box will have been loaded before the grid is rendered. As a consequence of this design decision, select's ability to load its options dynamically is rendered useless.

The reason for this design is when the cell is in display mode, it needs to render a label, not its database ID value, so the data will have been already loaded even before the Select2CellEditor goes into effect.

To keep your optionValues fresh, you can try one of the following approaches: