Column Defaults

Column defaults and required parameters are defined in the Backgrid.Column.prototype.defaults hash.

Column Definition

A Column is a placeholder for a column definition.

You usually don't need to create an instance of this class yourself, as a collection of column instances will be created for you from a list of column object literals you provide to the Backgrid view class constructors.

Internally, columns are stored as a collection in the form of Backgrid.Columns. In addition, all parent views will convert the column definition into a Backgrid.Columns collection and pass a reference to any subviews that require it.

Listening to Column Attribute Changes

Occasionally, you may want to listen to column attribute change events. In that case, you can choose to initialize a Backgrid.Columns collection and listen to events from the individual models.

Getting the Column Definitions from the Server

Since Backgrid.Columns is also a Backbone.Collection, you can dynamically load and store your column definition via your server.